Are you getting the most out of your indirect materials investment?

Most organisations have limited visibility of indirect materials used in their operation. Inventory is often stored in multiple untracked locations, usage is not adequately controlled and replenishments are performed in a reactive, haphazard fashion. This leads to excessive spend/overconsumption of some materials, and shortages and expediting of other inventory, which in turn results in an increased risk of costly production downtime.

SmartStores works as a manned or unmanned storeroom management solution and offers fast issuance and re-stock of items. It is a multi-supplier and multi-language automated re-ordering solution for every store and vending solution across the customer’s organisation.

NFC and barcode enabled

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It’s how smart phones can interact with something in close proximity to provide a wireless connection between your device and another. This allows two-way communication, between the devices to enable them to send and receive information.

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How our storeroom management solution works

The SmartStores solution enables customers to effectively manage and control usage of material in a storeroom environment.


Download app

Download the SmartStores App to either an Android smart device with NFC RFID capability. The SmartStores App also works with product barcodes.


Link to Sourcerer

Link the SmartStores App to the Sourcerer platform.


Products sourced

Operatives can source the required products directly from the nearest Smart Stores Secure.


Auto updating and reordering

Operatives issue assets and Inventory is automatically updated and re-ordered when the minimum level is reached.


Fulfilment orders generated

Fulfilment orders are generated and sent to the appropriate distributor via Sourcerer.

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Manage and control usage of material in a storeroom environment

An App based storeroom management solution, SmartStores is managed from a handheld Android device using the Sourcerer platform.

Two-way communication

Low touch NFC RFID solution that is quick and easy to use and allows two-way communication.

Enterprise-wide reporting

Easily access data and enterprise-wide reports across multiple sites/ departments/ stocking locations.

Real time notifications

Enabling complete control of all solutions, user access, products and reports. Real time monitoring offers an error free data and an automated process.

Track users and items

Complete audit log of all material usage. Control material issues/returns to and from specific users.

Dynamic Project Management

Job costing with job numbers automatically updating SmartStores centrally from Sourcerer.

Complete control

Ability to generate and overwrite product codes present in the Sourcerer database on the lnventor-e NFC RFID tags via the password protected SmartStores App.

Cloud-based software

Utilises the same cloud-based software as lnventor-e dispensing solutions to provide enterprise wide visibility of all inventory transactions.

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