iClick is an active tag solution


iClick is an active tag solution with a range of up to 100 metres to a BLE Gateway that eliminates the manual process of replenishment and the need to visit the bin, saving resource and time.

iBinScale is a scale-based inventory monitoring solution


iBinScale is a scale-based inventory monitoring solution at the point of use, providing immediate and continual supply of materials at point of use.

Allowing employees 24/7 access to items when needed, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Twin Bin automated inventory replenishment solution

TwinBin Live

TwinBin Live is an automated inventory replenishment solution, using Smartie BLE technology.

TwinBin Live saves you time and money on your inventory management. The TwinBin Live inventory control and replenishment solution monitors your stock levels and alerts you when they are getting low.

In stock when you need it

Save hours of valuable time spent on routine ordering by improving and maintaining stock levels, consistently and accurately.

Benefits of MobileAutomated Replenishment

Companies of all sizes need to manage inventory of a large number of SKU’s across several locations and one of the most effective ways of making product and order replenishment more accurate.

Manual ordering of several products for a large number of different locations will inevitably consume a lot of time and resources, therefore, it is efficient to implement a mobile automated replenishment system tailored to the business’s operations and needs.

Increased availability

A robust mobile replenishment system will continually monitor fluctuations and forecast demand as a result availability is increased and orders are amended accordingly.

Real time reporting

Forecast accurately with automated, real time report capabilities and optimise the product replenishment process – saving valuable staff time and overall costs.

SKU tracking

Locate, track and monitor SKU’s effortlessly and in turn, improve scalability and efficiency. Sourcerer supports automatic demand forecasting at SKU level and users can predict periodic or seasonal variations as well as trends and changes in demand automatically.

Automated reordering

Save time on manual entry and eliminate the possibility of human error. Combining automated routine orders with order suggestions for specific important items, Binsight makes product replenishment more efficient and reduces resource needed to operate it.

Automated Syncing to Binsight

All of our Mobile Automated Replenishment products are linked to the Binsight cloud based software. Users can access the Binsight software anywhere and anytime via the internet to access reports and real time management information.

App-based Inventory Management

Enables customers to effectively manage and control usage of material in a mobile and storeroom environment. Providing real-time enterprise wide visibility and control over your materials.

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Asset Management

Our Asset Management and Tracking Solutions let you know where your assets are at any time. No need for spreadsheets or messy paper records. The Inventor-e cloud based asset management solutions enable your business to track and control your assets in one central location.

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Industrial Vending

Our Industrial Vending Solutions puts the right item in the right place at the right time. Ensuring optimum productivity while preventing work stoppages and controlling costs.

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Mobile Automated Replenishment

Our mobile automated replenishment solutions provide immediate and continual supply of materials at point-of-use, allowing employees 24/7 access to items when needed, which increases productivity and efficiency.

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