2001 – Inventor-e founded

Inventor-e was founded in 2001, by Inventor and Entrepreneur, Dean Henry, CEO, with the core aim to develop and manufacture point-of-use inventory control systems. These high tech applications offer connectivity and data distribution solutions by solving the challenges experienced by global organisations by providing remote inventory information services in real-time.

2006 – The early years

The first Inventor-e system, EARS (Electronic Automated Replenishment System), was introduced in 2006 into Alstom Preston UK Train Life Service centre to deliver spare parts logistics; supply, overhaul, modernisation and life extension of traction systems and components. As a result, Inventor-e won two European Supply Chain Awards; the first for Engineering Distributor/Retailer in Partnership with ALSTOM Preston and the second for e-procurement as overall category winners.

2009 – iVendM developed

The prototype, iVendM, was developed in 2009 and is an inventory management system that uses weight sensor technology. Inventor-e’s products offer sole distribution and management of maintenance, repair, operating, production, safety, and tooling supplies at the work cell. Inventor-e supports organisations and markets through its products and services internationally.

2011 – Sourcerer is reborn

In 2011 Inventor-e embarked on a major re-development of the software database (Sourcerer) to provide a proactive solution including customisable reporting, error-free data, real-time cloud-based communications, robust databases and seamless integration with customer systems.

Inventor-e’s Sourcerer solutions allow users to manage inventory and assets from one cloud based system that can be integrated into any ERP/MRP system. Its supporting solutions include: app based issuance and control option, vending products, mobile inventory management and maintaining and tracking assets within an enterprise.

New products were added to underpin the portfolio of point-of-use solutions and provide a holistic supply chain management solution. These included SmartStores, which is an Android application with NFC RFID (Near Field Communication Radio Frequency Identification) capability – linked to the Sourcerer software. The SmartStores solution enables customers to effectively manage and control usage of indirect material in a storeroom environment and provides real-time enterprise-wide visibility and control over indirect materials.

2013 – New headquarters opened

Following a period of strong growth in 2013 the company opened headquarters at the University of Warwick Science Park’s Blythe Valley Innovation Centre near Solihull and celebrated winning a £600,000 contract for supplying the indirect materials technology platform for leading engineering support services firm Babcock International.

Today and the future

Inventor-e’s international team of business and technology experts works closely with customers to analyze their needs and understand the imperatives of their businesses. This is a contributing factor and why we are successful in developing pioneering technology solutions that solve real-world, business challenges.

Today, we continue, as we began, by staying in tune with the market and evolving solutions and systems that solve the needs of our customers. Inventor-e enables organisations worldwide to achieve transformation objectives. As market leaders, we leverage technology to offer solutions that power business and enable them to achieve business expansion, revenue growth, by optimising the business operations.

Inventor-e’s client list includes blue-chip businesses that include: aerospace organisations and global soft drinks giants Coca Cola and PepsiCo.

These are the reasons why Inventor-e is the first choice for companies across the globe.

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