iVendm is the market’s most efficient consumables management system, utilising advanced weight sensor technology and the internet to provide remote inventory information in real time. iVendm provides immediate and continual access to items for authorised employees where it is needed at Point-of-Use, 24/7 – with full management control. Find Out More

SmartStores™ comprises of a SmartStores Android application that is downloaded to either an Android compliant phone or tablet with NFC RFID capability. The SmartStores App is linked in real time through 3G/4G to the Inventor-e cloud-based software Sourcerer. This enables the management of a wide range of products in a busy stores environment with absolute accountability for items dispensed with a minimum process time. Find Out More

SmartStoresVAN  stock management enables customers to effectively manage and control usage of indirect material in a variety of environments, e.g. unmanned stores, van stock, satellite stores and on-site containers. Find Out More

If a product is unsuitable for vending or holding on site the Spot Purchasing Module enables users to order products from pre-authorised suppliers. This can be supplied with both iVendm and iVendC. The user is presented only with the items they are authorised to order on a touch screen and products are restricted by type and re-order frequency, a supervisor can over-ride whenever required.

Sourcerer™ is an enterprise wide indirect materials management platform that specifically addresses your indirect material inventory management needs. Cloud Based Software and reporting is offered with access from any device with an internet Browser (PC, ipad, iphone etc). It is a multi-supplier solution; each supplier only sees their own information tailored to the way they want it. This enables complete control of all solutions, user access, products and reports, real time monitoring of solutions and can link into customer and supplier ERP. Find Out More

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