Smart Stores Secure is a secure unmanned stores management cabinet

SmartStores Secure

SmartStores Secure is an app accessed cabinet which is used as a secure unmanned stores management solution for expensive items. Ideal for use in unmanned stores and for secure distributed satellite stores across an industrial site or hospital.

Smart Van is an app based fleet inventory management solution


Inventor-e SmartVan is an app based fleet inventory management solution with issuance using NFC tags. SmartVan increases the first time fix capability of your fleet and aids costing of jobs at point of use.

Smart Stores is an industrial parts storeroom management solution


SmartStores is an enterprise level storeroom management solution enabling customers to effectively manage and control usage of material in a storeroom environment. It provides real time enterprise wide visibility and control over your materials to make sure that you are getting the most out of your investment.

Managed and controlled usage of materials on the go

These solutions provide real-time visibility and control over your assets to make sure that you are getting the most out of your investment.

Benefits of App-based Inventory Management

Relying on inventory management, control, and tracking methods manually or on desktop alone is no longer feasible in today’s competitive markets. Businesses and organisations of all sizes need to manage, control, and track inventory.

Inventory management is crucial to success and sustainability, as business transactions take place on a global scale and cover multiple locations, there is a need to be in control at anytime and anywhere.

Mobile and versatile

Mobility allows you to handle different tasks all in one place. Our low touch NFC solution is ideal for storerooms or mobile environments such as vans.

Enterprise wide roll-up reporting

Sourcerer is designed to offer real-time reports that not only reduce cost and burden but also shares real-time stock levels. Sourcerer can deliver reports that have an average accuracy of 98%.

Real time notifications

View real-time usage of materials by specific users or groups. You can check transactions and other business activities without any glitches or delays. Everything will be just a click away.

Dynamic project management / job costing

Job numbers automatically update the app centrally from Sourcerer allowing the users to issue items to themselves against specific job codes.

Saves time

You can do more in less time with less effort. Our App-based inventory management solutions not only deliver accuracy but also assures speed. Whether it is data storage, or conclusion reporting, everything happens much faster.

Automation of manual tasks

Remove manual data entry tasks or complex purchase ordering. Sourcerer can automate common tasks. By embracing scanning technology, you can create sales orders immediately or dispatch goods in a shipment.

Automated Syncing to Sourcerer

All of our products are linked to the Sourcerer cloud based software. Users can access the Sourcerer software anywhere and anytime via the internet to access reports and real time management information.

App-based Inventory Management

Enables customers to effectively manage and control usage of material in a mobile and storeroom environment. Providing real-time enterprise wide visibility and control over your materials.

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Asset Management

Our Asset Management and Tracking Solutions let you know where your assets are at any time. No need for spreadsheets or messy paper records. The Inventor-e cloud based asset management solutions enable your business to track and control your assets in one central location.

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Industrial Vending

Our Industrial Vending Solutions puts the right item in the right place at the right time. Ensuring optimum productivity while preventing work stoppages and controlling costs.

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Mobile Automated Replenishment

Our mobile automated replenishment solutions provide immediate and continual supply of materials at point-of-use, allowing employees 24/7 access to items when needed, which increases productivity and efficiency.

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