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Inventor-e SmartVan is a stock management solution that enables customers to effectively manage and control usage of indirect material on vans.

It comprises a SmartVan Android application that is downloaded to an Android compliant device with NFC (Near Field Communication) capability. This is linked in real time through 3G/4G to Inventor-e’s cloud-based SourcererTM software. The SmartVan App allows individual users to issue items to themselves or against a job code. The user logs in with their PIN. If job codes are required for allocation, then they are preloaded into Sourcerer and automatically appear on the user’s screen when logged in. If job codes are used, SmartVan will prevent items being issued unless a job code has been selected. The user then simply taps the phone against an Inventor-e NFC tag on the appropriate product bin - this creates the pick list of items and allows the user to enter quantities required. When the list is complete the user ends the transaction by tapping ‘Confirm Items Issued’.


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