Secure, scale-based inventory management

Users can access products quickly and easily without having to manually log or update inventory. Stock levels are monitored and updated accurately when products are dispensed from the scale-containers and the outer doors are closed.

Minimise time spent waiting for the allocation of products during work time, by accessing the items you require using an ID card. Weight changes are processed into product quantity when the outer door of the machine is closed.

Inventory management with absolute accountability

Hardly any limitation regarding volume, form and size of PPE and MRO represents an amazing storage capacity, reducing absence and obtainment time.

Cabinet Dimensions
  • Single Door: 1865mm(H), 1150mm(W), 870mm(D)
  • Double Door: 1865mm(H), 2050mm(W), 870mm(D)

Bin Dimensions
  • Bin Type B (Small): 240mm(L) x 150mm(W) x 132mm(H)
  • Bin Type D (Medium): 350mm(L) x 205mm(W) x 182mm(H)
  • Bin Type E (Large): 520mm(L) x 310mm(W) x 200mm(H)
  • Bin Type P (Long): 500mm(L) x 120mm(W) x 95mm(H)

Shelf Configurations
  • 2E: Fixed
  • 3D: Fixed
  • 4B: Fixed
  • 5P: Fixed/Slide
  • 6D: Slide
  • 3D + 4B: Slide
  • 12B: Slide
  • 2E: Slide

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How scale-based inventory vending works

System operation is extremely simple…


Supplies accessed

The user swipes their ID card to gain access to the iVend Scale cabinet and removes the required items. Load sensors instantly recognise the change in stock weight and accurately gauge the corresponding change in product quantity. When the user closes the door to complete the transaction, the precise quantity of each product issued to the user is date and time-stamped.


Requirement generation

iVend Scale calculates individual stock requirements at all locations, in real-time, with data passed instantly to Sourcerer.


Automated replenishment trigger

A reorder is automatically generated if Sourcerer is integrated with the supplier's or end-user's ERP. If not integrated, a reorder is prompted via Sourcerer's replenishment reports.


iVend Scale restocked

Load sensors instantly recognise the increase in stock weight and the corresponding change in product quantity. Delivery of the stock is automatically date and time stamped against the re-stocker, verifying supplier delivery performance and confirming availability of product at point of use.

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Scale-based vending with extensive features

Advanced weight sensor technology provides remote inventory information in real-time, giving complete visibility of stock on hand across the entire organisation.

Cost savings

Increased productivity, improved supply chain efficiency and reduced pilferage.


Fast product access, return and restock with control. Multiple items handled simultaneously.


Real time intelligence within integrated supply chain prevents stock-outs and work stoppages.


Can hold thousands of items and support high volume usage.

Control and accountability

Precise quantity of all issuances automatically recorded against individual.

Any shape or size

Allows more products to be controlled and managed at point of use.

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