App-based fleet inventory management solution

The SmartVan inventory management solution enables customers to effectively manage and control usage of indirect material on vans. SmartVan offers real time inventory usage by user or job, ability to assign products to job numbers, multi supplier stock, auto re-ordering through the Sourcerer platform and via Smartie tag utilisation and asset tracking.

Van stock management utilising NFC technology

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It’s how smart phones can interact with something in close proximity to provide a wireless connection between your device and another. This allows two-way communication, between the devices to enable them to send and receive information.

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Smart Van is an app based van stock management solution

How SmartVan inventory management works

This enterprise wide fleet materials management platform has been specifically designed to meet all of your indirect material inventory management needs.


PIN entered

The users' PIN number determines that individual's user rights as SmartVan App reconfigures itself each time a new PIN is entered.


NFC scanned

The user simply taps the phone against the NFC tagged product bin – this creates the pick list of items and allows the user to enter quantities required. This technology now extends to include barcodes.


Job codes used

When job codes are used – SmartVan will prevent items being issued unless a job code has been selected.


List completed

When the list is complete the user ends the transaction by tapping 'Confirm Items Issued’.


Unrestricted access functionality

The super-user has the ability to issue, return and restock items and also manage tags and perform maintenance functions.


Restricted access functionality

A restricted access user will only be able to perform a limited number of these functions – for example, on-screen icons are disabled.

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Increase your first time fix capability with the SmartVan solution

All managed through the Sourcerer platform, this offers company reporting across all vans, reducing time at trade counters and assurity that assets are back on a van.

Real-time inventory management

Linked to Inventor-e’s Sourcerer cloud-based software, which can be accessed anywhere, anytime providing access to reports and real-time management information.

Real-time transparent stock data

View stock balances per van at any time on-line, analyse slow-moving parts and parts ordered regularly. Issue assets via the App using NFC tags.

Increase productivity

Track your equipment and ensure they are returned to the correct location or van. Save time and increase information accuracy by counting a few items at the start and end of each day.

Supplier integration

Materials used and ordered are sent straight to your supply chain partner electronically including the branch location for collection. Auto re-order though link to Sourcerer.


24/7 visibility, availability, control and accountability of Van Stock. Items are automatically re-ordered as they are booked onto jobs ensuring vans don't run out of stock, freeing up time to complete more jobs.

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