Control, compliance, availability and minimal social contact are crucial elements in the current situation…

Inventor-e’s enterprise-level cloud-based Inventory Management Solution has been developed to improve productivity and regulatory compliance for organisations, such as the NHS and other healthcare businesses.

By connecting existing inventory system, Sourcerer’s feature-rich software application effectively manages PPE and, direct and indirect materials. It utilises Inventor-e’s high-frequency radio identification (RFID) tags, which are attached to any safety equipment and designed to withstand the toughest conditions of most commercial environments.

Contingency and crisis strategies are improved through the use of Sourcerer by:

  1. Facilities understand their PPE inventory and supply chain
  2. Facilities understand their PPE utilisation rate
  3. Facilities are able to communicate with local healthcare authorities, Government and health professionals and other organisations to identify additional supplies.

Our tagging technology, Smartie, is an asset tracking solution that enables customers to effectively manage and control of assets and integrates with Sourcerer. Allowing the equipment to be tracked for usage, maintenance, cost-saving, inventory management decisions and compliance.

Real-time inventory control solution enables healthcare professionals to connect any piece of PPE virtually, such as surgical gowns, face/eye shields, respirators, surgical/procedure masks, gloves and other critical equipment. Sourcerer’s cloud-based software tracks the equipment offering reporting, scalability and security.

Sourcerer offers a number of benefits that deliver the ultimate in availability:

  • Complete control of all solutions, user access, products and reports, real-time monitoring. 
  • Error-free data and an automated process.
  • Powerful analytics provide business intelligence reporting.
  • Customisable reporting can scrutinise data to providing critical insights beyond typical spreadsheets.
  • Point-of-use solutions help to streamline inventory, prevent overstocking and stock-outs.

Sourcerer is underpinned by a portfolio of point-of-use solutions offer:

Inventor-e’s App-based Inventory Management solutions cover the broadest range of Asset Management and Tracking Solutions and include SmartStores and SmartVan can help with social distancing and reduces the need for engineers or members of your workforce to visit trade counters in order to access assets or tools.

When scanned into Sourcerer, safety managers can manage their inventory of PPE, making sure it is tested on schedule or repaired or replaced, reducing the frequency of equipment failure or non-compliance. The data is compiled automatically into reports, eliminating time-consuming manual audits and data logs.

If users have the correct stock in vans/stores with immediate access, it can cut down the need for supplier interaction.

Business and technology experts

Inventor-e’s international team of experts work closely with customers to analyse your needs and understand the imperatives of your businesses. This is a contributing factor and why we are successful in developing pioneering technology solutions that solve real-world, business challenges.

Today, Inventor-e continues to stay in tune with the market and evolving solutions and systems that solve the needs of our customers.

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