Increase productivity and efficiency by investing in Automated Replenishment.

Our Automated Replenishment solutions provide an immediate and continual supply of materials at point-of-use, allowing employees 24/7 access to items when needed.

Reduce downtime and increase productivity

With Inventor-e’s Mobile Automated Replenishment solutions your team can save hours of valuable time spent on routine ordering by improving and maintaining stock levels, consistently and accurately.

Save hours of valuable time spent on routine ordering by improving and maintaining stock levels, consistently and accurately.

As a result of the pandemic, it’s now more important than ever that installations can be monitored and serviced from a distance. The key benefit of Inventor-e’s Sourcerer cloud-based software platform means that all of our products can be accessed remotely. This offers a number of additional benefits such as:

β€’ Managing variable supplier lead times
β€’ Maintaining safety stock, and
β€’ Working with min/max order-level quantities, and
β€’ Importantly, be managed from a distance, keeping your staff members safe.

Do you need to assess your Inventory procedures?

Our SmartStores application has significantly improved re-ordering and reporting procedures in a variety of client sectors, for example, Healthcare – where hospitals require a complete end-to-end solution. The ability to track all products through to point-of-use ensures:

  • Accurate demand forecasting prevents stockouts (and backorders)
  • Prevents excess stock levels (over-stocking), and 
  • Prevents the retention of obsolete stock.

Stocking materials that customers don’t want, or having shortages of items they do want, can all lead to an inability to provide prompt, quality service. Inventor-e’s solutions will help you take back control of your assets and revolutionise your stock ordering procedures.

In sectors such as the Automotive Industry, poor visibility and access to parts results in delays to manufacturing. Automotive production lines are extremely cutting edge. Our solutions enable manufacturers to match that level of process automation and apply it to the distribution and management of indirect materials.

All workplaces will need an increased amount of PPE going forward, so it’s important that these items can be ordered, tracked by location and managed through the supply chain automatically and accurately.

To overcome inventory management risks, you need a toolbox of effective inventory replenishment solutions that specifically focus on improving your profitability.

Take back control and plan ahead. Improve the accuracy of your inventory and asset management across all locations of your business – and save valuable time and money as a result!

Get in touch with us today, our staff will be delighted to help you with your enquiry.

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