Inventor-e’s Sourcerer, cloud-based software and solutions give you detailed visibility and control over your inventory and assets in real-time, as well as, supply chain management, exception monitoring and much more.

Managing inventory and assets at distance

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become crucial for businesses to operate remotely, practising social distancing and only travelling for essential purposes.

Our customisable portfolio of technology solutions helps customers manage their inventory and assets, allowing them to concentrate on the core functions of their business.

Event-based notifications support social distancing 

Businesses can use our asset management software, Sourcerer, to automatically generate various notifications. This allows employees to keep up-to-date with: work order updates, inventory outages and asset downtime – all without coming into contact with other members of staff.

Aside from installation and ongoing maintenance support, our the majority of our solutions are distance-managed and accessed or operated purely by your company employees, with no external support required.

Benefits of app-based inventory management

Business transactions take place on a global scale and cover multiple locations, therefore there is a need to be in control at any time and anywhere.

Our app-based inventory management solutions not only deliver accuracy but also assures speed. Whether it is data storage or conclusion reporting, everything happens much faster.

Mobile facilities that operate remotely

All organisations currently are dealing with situations that require social distancing as a precaution due to COVID-19 considerations. By using our asset management software’s mobile capabilities your staff can keep working whilst minimising the spread of infection. 

Smart asset management technology keeps staff safe

SmartStores and SmartVan can help with social distancing and reduces the need for engineers or members of your workforce to visit trade counters in order to access assets or tools.

The COVID-19 outbreak means that there is always a level of uncertainty present but for businesses that adopt smart asset management technology, Sourcerer takes the right steps to ensure maintenance management professionals are kept safe during these uncertain times. This capability will enable efficiencies and avoid downtime that could be impacted due to staff health and quarantine protocols.  

If you would like to know more about how Inventor-e’s software platform Sourcerer and products can help you stay ahead in difficult times. Please contact our experienced team on:

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