Inventor-e has seen a recent surge in volumes which has resulted in an exciting new contract that could be a game-changer for this innovative business – Inventor-e.

This would not have been possible without a strategic manufacturing partner in place to support the ramp-up – PP Control & Automation (PP C&A).

Inventor-e’s USP is our ability to innovate industrial vending and, after significant discussion and consideration, it was decided to identify a strategic manufacturing partner that could manage the build of the systems and, importantly, give it the ability to scale-up quickly.

Equipment, cables and piping as found inside of a modern industrial power plant

The initial meeting with PP C&A originally took place back in 2013, but it wasn’t until 2019 that the timing was ‘perfect’ to explore working with PP C&A as a strategic manufacturing partner of SmartStores Secure. SmartStores Secure is an access-controlled cabinet that uses the SmartStores app for access and to issue, return and restock product.

The operational teams at both companies, a manufacturing cell was created at PP C&A’s facility to build the initial. The build process allowed engineers from both companies to work together to explore areas for potential design improvements. All built to current design and with new supply chain opportunities that could be created through a collaborative supplier network and shipped at the end of last year.

SmartStores Secure

SmartStores Secure is an app accessed cabinet which is used as a secure unmanned stores management solution for expensive items. Ideal for use in unmanned stores and for secure distributed satellite stores across an industrial site or hospital.

See how SmartStores Secure can transform your secure stores by getting in touch with one of our advisors on 0800 779 7214 or find out more here SmartStore Secure.

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