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Inventor-e's cloud based, state-of-the-art, Sourcerer™ software controls the supply chain for its patented and extensive range of inventory management solutions. These include Stores management; Industrial vending; Asset management; Van Stock management and Point-of-Use VMI solutions. Technologies employed include weight sensors, NFC (Near Field Communication), passive Gen2 RFID, Bluetooth Smartie™ tags and Smart apps. 

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Stores Management


is an Android application utilising NFC contactless technology linked to Sourcerer, Inventor-e's cloud based materials management platform which provides powerful analytical information.

SmartStores Secure utilises the SmartStores application in an access controlled cabinet to manage more expensive items in a stores and provide unmanned secure satellite stores across a site or hospital.

SmartSearch is an Applet that allows you to search for any product or asset across all inventory locations in your enterprise. It allows you to see how much stock is available on your vehicles or in your nearest stores to cut down on wasted journeys. 

Industrial Vending

iVendm is a weight sensor solution for managing high volumes of consumables.


iVendPPE provides immediate and continual access to PPE for authorised employees where it is needed at Point-of-Use, 24/7 - with full management control.

iVend Secure provides secure vending for consumables, PPE, tools and critical spares. No re-packaging is required and the solution can manage up to 468 different items. 


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 is a preconfigured one and two door solution with 76 and 114 bins respectively to manage fast moving MRO consumables

Asset Management

provides asset intelligence information on a physical item’s unique identity, location and authenticity for the industrial and health sectors.

SwiftQ provides the data to reduce queue times at trade counters ensuring they are properly resourced to reduce waiting times and increase the productivity of customer’s operatives.


iVendRFID is an access controlled cabinet for complete accountability of assets such as bar code scanners and power tools to individual users. It is also a good solution for the issuance of expensive PPE and safety boots.


iVend Lockers provide asset management and spot purchasing of items to individual users.

SmartSafe is an enterprise wide asset management solution that employs a number of technologies such as iSite tiles with RFID and Smartie tags (a combined NFC, Bluetooth Smart tag) and NFC tags. SmartSafe manages calibration dates, inspection reports and checklists within the App.

Van Stock Management

 website pic SmartAsset

SmartVan is a van stock management solution that enables customers to effectively manage and control usage of consumable items on vans and allows you to automatically reorder on the appropriate suppliers.


SmartAsset is a van asset management solution that is linked to Sourcerer utilising contactless NFC and BLE technology.


Smartie is an Android App which links to the Smartie tag (an NFC and Bluetooth Smart asset tag) for tracking assets using the Bluetooth on any Android device. This confirms all your assets are present and correct on your van after doing a job, ensuring you have all your tools for your next job.

Automated Replenishment


iBin is a weight sensor automated replenishment system for reducing stock outs and providing a leaner process for VMI with powerful management information including KPI's.




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