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The Inventor-e Sourcerer software is a state-of-the-art cloud-based software solution built and deployed on a Linux platform. This software platform affords Inventor-e’s customers and partners ultimate flexibility, scalability, security and availability for the Point of Use solutions backed by service agreements from Inventor-e.

Anywhere Anytime Access

As a cloud-based solution, users can access the Sourcerer software anywhere and anytime via the internet using a standard web browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari). Users on-the-go can also access the Sourcerer software via the Inventor-e SmartStores Android based mobile devices.

Subscription Model

Sourcerer is delivered via a software subscription model to enable customers to deploy it quickly and obtain a rapid ROI without the need to invest in a heavy software implementation involving installation and configuration of on-premises software and hardware. Inventor-e’s customers can deploy as much or as little of the solution as needed to meet their requirements.


To find out more please contact Inventor-e directly on 0800 779 7214 or email us at

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