SmartStores Secure

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SmartStores Secure is an access controlled cabinet with large capacity that uses the SmartStores app for access and to issue, return and restock products

This solution combines the user friendly SmartStores App with access controlled vending to allow users to SmartSearch products through Sourcerer in every stores and vending solution across the customer's organisation, cutting down on search-and-find time and wasted journeys. The user accesses the cabinet by keying in their PIN number into the SmartStores App and then scanning the cabinet identifier followed by presentation of the operatives Smartphone to the access reader on SmartStores Secure. All items issued from SmartStores Secure are recorded in Sourcerer, detailing product code and description, precise quantity, date and time of issuance, job number/project code and the individual who obtained the items. Commercially, this is a very competitive solution as it has no PC and therefore no software licence cost other than a small monthly charge for the SmartStores App downloaded to operatives Smartphones. 

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