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We know how important it is for petrochemical companies to ensure tools, MRO, other indirect material and equipment is properly maintained and inventory tracked.

Inventor-e can help by:

  • Allowing on-site contractors to be accountable for inventory costs
  • Properly tracking usage of every day PPE, rain suits, boots, gloves, etc. to the correct cost centres and reducing usage of these items
  • Ensuring inventory is on hand for all upcoming preventive maintenance tasks
  • Ensuring gauges and measurement equipment are properly calibrated
  • Working with on-site suppliers to improve reporting and direct communication to their replenishment system
  • Being able to run reports to determine what inventory is used during shut downs to be prepared for future shut downs and have inventory on-hand

It is very common for petrochemical facilities to have many on-site workers that are actually contractors and not direct employees. These contractors need tools and supplies to do their tasks just like the direct employees. Often facilities will not have processes in place to correctly account for the cost of the supplies used by the contractor. Wouldn't it be great to have the ability to invoice the contractor for what they used instead of paying for all of the tools and supplies from your budget? We have helped others in your industry that have set this in place and have reduced costs dramatically. We can do this with software, vending and RFID within your facility.

Sourcererâ„¢ operations analysis software combined with an Inventor-e supply system allows you to make real progress on inventory cost containment. Sourcerer provides clear reports and alerts that help you make the right decisions for controlling inventory.


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