Inventory control and automated replenishment solution

Both the top and bottom bins get fully stocked. The items are dispensed from the lower chamber by the user. When the bottom bin is empty, the user pulls a slider which releases the contents of the upper chamber into the lower chamber.

A flag then pops up breaking a switch, which activates a BLE beacon to send a replenishment message. The flag is then scanned to alert the system that the bin has been refilled successfully.

Automated replenishment through BLE technology

BLE 4.2 in that it’s a simple system for making wireless connections over short distances. Inventor-e BLE supported products are low power, low cost technology for infrequent short-range wireless data communication between devices.

Automated replenishment saves time and money

TwinBin Live provides a unique and innovative automated replenishment solution.


Fully stocked

Both the top and bottom bins are fully stocked, with the items being dispensed from the lower chamber by the user.


Additional stock released

When the bottom bin is empty, the user pulls a slider which releases the contents of the upper chamber into the lower chamber.


Replenishment triggered

When the flag is scanned a replenishment message is sent that bin has been refilled.


No overstocking

The fully secure networking and management system connectivity means that there is no need to manually scan bins or to over-stock.

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Automated inventory replenishment with extensive features

The TwinBin Live system knows when to refill the stock before it runs out out and monitors how fast stock is used and when it needs replenishing.

Product traceability

Control costs and increase savings with accurate inventory control and replenishment. Twin Bin provides full product traceability throughout your stores and reduces stock levels held considerably.

Fully automated

An automated replenishment solution using Smartie BLE technology. No more need to manually scan bins or over-stock with this fully secure networking and management system. Each TwinBin can send stock statuses up to 80 metres to a central gateway.

Workflow flexibility

The flexibility this solution provides means it’s easy to change and adapt to changes in workflow. Chambers can be installed seamlessly with existing Twin Bin systems.

Enhanced reporting

This information is then relayed to Binsight with customised reports available. The Sourcerer platform provides a complete audit trail.

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