Active tag solutions allow for automatic reordering to specific locations

iClick contains a reorder push button. By simply pressing the button twice it reorders a preset quantity of a product to the bin or shelf location. iClick can be read by the SmartStores App, which can then confirm that the restock has occurred.

Items can be reordered by pressing the push-button twice. This will automatically order a preset quantity of a product to a specific bin or shelf location, to ensure assets are continuously available and accessible.

BLE enabled active tag solution

BLE 4.2 in that it’s a simple system for making wireless connections over short distances. Inventor-e BLE supported products are low power, low cost technology for infrequent short-range wireless data communication between devices.

Automatic stock reordering at the push of a button

The easy issuance of items allows assigned users the freedom to book products out – as and when required, therefore improving productivity.


Product reordered

Users simply press the active tag solution button and Smart Stores will reorder the product in a predefined quanitity to the required location.


Product restocked

There is a fail-safe for over-ordering because you can only press the BLE tag again once Smart Stores app has been reset after product has been restocked.

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Active tag solution for improved efficiency and availability

iClick elimates the need for manual reordering processes, saving resource and time.

Automatic reordering

At the touch a button iClick will automatically reorder a preset quanitity of a product to a specific bin or shelf location.

Total coverage

iClick bins have a range of up to 100 metres from a BLE Gateway, meaning they can be conveniently positioned across all areas of an organisation.

Easy issuance of items

The easy issuance of items allows assigned users the freedom to book products out – as and when required, therefore improving availability and productivity.

Consumption reduction

The Smart Stores connection allows management through Sourcerer offers a reduction in consumption.

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