Cost effective asset tracking solution

Find your lost assets and tools with Smartie. If an asset or tool is lost it can be tracked via the last point read latitude and longitude within the Smartie map. Location of the asset or tool can be located up to 80 metres away using the Bluetooth network of the phone (location dependant).

Smartie offers several benefits including simplified tracking of assets, enabling comprehensive tracking of maintenance and downtime, enabling businesses to track costs and reducing costs associated with loss and theft of assets.

BLE and NFC combined

BLE 4.2 is a simple system for making wireless connections over short distances. Inventor-e BLE supported products are low power, low-cost technology for infrequent short-range wireless data communication between devices.

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It’s how smartphones can interact with something in close proximity to provide a wireless connection between your device and another. This allows two-way communication, between the devices to enable them to send and receive information.

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How Smartie asset tracking works

The Smartie tag and Smartie app combined provides a low-cost asset tracking solution.


Attach Smartie tags

Smartie tags are attached to both movable and fixed assets or tools for useful life identification and inventory control.


Set up App

Mobile low touch NFC and Bluetooth solution which is simple to set up and easy to use.


App-based benefits

Operatives can check via the App that all their assets are present and correct on your van after doing a job, ensuring you have all your tools for your next job.


LED Indicator for helping to find assets.

If an asset is lost, it can be tracked via the last known location within the Smartie map. The asset can be located up to 80 metres away via Bluetooth and real-time mobile notifications.

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Effectively manage and control assets and tools

Real-time inventory usage by user or job and ’asset tracking assurity‘ ensures assets are always available and findable.

Increased battery life

The Smartie tag is designed to broadcast only to your Smartphone and comes with two battery options. A larger version for managing Asset temperature (CR2477) and a smaller version for tracking tools location (CR2450).

Low touch NFC and BLE solution

Mobile low touch NFC and BLE solution that is simple to set up and quick and easy to use.

Downloadable App

Downloaded from the app store, the Smartie app can be dual-branded for our distributors. The app is free to our Platinum distributors customers.

Increased control and accountability

24/7 visibility, availability, control and accountability for asset tracking.

Remote condition monitoring

Remote condition monitoring helps to significantly improve the performance and availability of assets.

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