Easy identification and location of assets and people within your environment.

The Inventor-e iSite solution is managed by the Smart Safe App and Sourcerer cloud-based platform.

The manual process to find a missing asset is time consuming, labour intensive and not always successful. With iSite tiles you always know where the asset is located within the facility, in real time. An items journey can be recorded in a log by labelling the location of each iSite tile or by showing the locations of all assets on a site floor plan.

The Sourcerer platform makes this information easily available to users and locates passive RFID tags and Smartie tags (NFC and BLE) to a specific iSite tile location. Smart Search identifies specific assets and their locations. Sourcerer delivers superior performance and platform interoperability to provide the best reliability and data integrity.

iSite harnesses RFID, BLE and NFC smart technology

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It’s how smart phones can interact with something in close proximity to provide a wireless connection between your device and another. This allows two-way communication, between the devices to enable them to send and receive information.

BLE 4.2 in that it’s a simple system for making wireless connections over short distances. Inventor-e BLE supported products are low power, low cost technology for infrequent short-range wireless data communication between devices.

RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology is where digital data is encoded into RFID tags or smart labels and is captured by a reader via radio waves.

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How an intelligent site environment works

Create an iSite hotspot or a network of connected iSite hotspots which enable authentication, location and identification of assets and employees.


Always on approach

An 'always on’ approach. Inventor-e's iSite tile solution provides utilising low-cost passive UHF RFID tags as well as Smartie tags.


Continuous monitoring

iSite tiles continuously monitor tags in specific areas to identify specific assets and their location.


Journey tracking

The journey of an asset can be tracked site wide between different iSite managed areas. When the tag leaves one area the iSite tile then another will pick it up. This provides the precise location of the asset at all times.


Superior performance

Sourcerer offers superior performance and platform interoperability to provide reliability and data integrity.

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An iSite connected environment with extensive features

Scalable and powerful features empower businesses across a wide array of markets.

Identification of assets

iSite makes it possible to identify the location of assets and employees without direct line of site through the use of an intelligent site environment.

Real time location of assets

Improve search and find times by knowing exactly where your assets and employees are in real time on a site floor plan.

Search by vicinity

iSite allow you to identify which assets and employees are located within specific areas or your site in real time.

Calibration and servicing alerts

Receive calibration and servicing alerts with enhanced location details allowing you to prioritise areas and reduce search and find times.

Powerful analytics

Sourcerer allows you to create reports in relation to asset journey logs, current locations of assets, journey bottlenecks etc that can be used to provide insightful business data.

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