Smart and secure stores management

Operatives can go straight to the stores or the nearest SmartStores Secure for the products they require, cutting down on search and find time and wasted journeys.

There are options available for Haz Chem cabinets and multiple satellite stores. SmartStores Secure offers fast restocking of tools, assets and consumables from the same solution with no repackaging. As operatives issue material to themselves, inventory is automatically decremented. When it reaches the re-order level an order is automatically sent to the appropriate distributor through Sourcerer.

Manage consumables with NFC tags

With 6 or 7 levels, which can be allocated as you wish (with or without bins), but with a clear physical link to e-tag.

Cabinet Size: 1860mm(H), 860mm(W), 600mm(D)
Shelves: 6 Shelves that are configurable in position
Shelf Sizes: 35mm(H) x 820mm(W) x 550mm(D)

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It’s how smart phones can interact with something in close proximity to provide a wireless connection between your device and another. This allows two-way communication, between the devices to enable them to send and receive information.

How Smart Stores Secure works

Improve accuracy, accessiblility and availability within your stores which can decrease costs whilst increasing compliance.


User attempts access

The user enters a unique pin on the Smart Stores app, followed by scanning the smart lock access controller on the Smart Stores Secure cabinet.


Access checked

Smart Stores confirms whether access is allowed by the user to the specific Smart Stores Secure cabinet.


Cabinet accessed

Smart Stores Secure cabinet unlocks and the user selects the correct job code in Smart Stores and scans the tags of the items, entering required quantities.


Products issued

On pressing confirm, the products are issued to the user. The transaction is date and time-stamped.

Secure Your Stores Management

Secure unmanned stores with extensive features

This solution combines the user friendly Smart Stores App with an access controlled cabinet to allow users to Smart Search products through Sourcerer.

Real time intelligence

Prevents stock-outs and work stoppages within the integrated supply chain through real time intelligence.

Access control

This solution combines the user friendly Smart Stores App with an access controlled cabinet to allow users to Smart Search products through Sourcerer.

Fast and easy to use

The Smart Stores app makes operation of Smart Stores Secure extremely quick and easy.

Stock automatically decremented

As operatives issue materials to themselves, inventory is automatically decremented.

Automatic reordering

When stock reaches the reorder level an order is automatically sent to the appropriate distributor.

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