Precision Engineering   

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If you are in precision engineering, it means that you cut a great deal of metal. This also means you probably have a high cost of expendable tooling, MRO and other indirect material. 

Inventor-e can help control this cost by:

  • Optimising inventory levels and order points based on actual usage history
  • Helping to establish effective re-work processes and ensuring that less costly re-worked tooling is used first
  • Eliminating tool hoarding based on accountability and employee confidence that tools will be available
  • Using critical alerts features to make suppliers and management aware of critical inventory levels in time to reduce shipping cost
  • Managing multiple suppliers with supplier performance reporting

and more...

Inventor-e offers significant benefits to anyone cutting a lot of metal. From a dramatic reduction in tool cost to identifying discrepancies in tool usage across your operation, Inventor-e will help your precision machining facility take control. The return on investment for most precision machining operations is rapid with a continued decrease in tool, MRO and other indirect material expense. 

Sourcererâ„¢ operations analysis software combined with an Inventor-e supply system allows you to make real progress on inventory cost containment. Sourcerer provides clear reports and alerts that help you make the right decisions for controlling inventory.


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