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Inventor-e can help you to establish better inventory processes surrounding tools, MRO and other indirect material on your marine base, within your depot or even during field maintenance. We can offer solutions that have been proven by your peers and utilise software, point-of-use vending, RFID and sensors.

Inventor-e's dispensing solutions help track the internal movement of tools, MRO, indirect material and other types of inventory for many marine installations. With software vending and RFID we can help you with:

  • Understanding the compliance challenges and supporting those efforts with our dispensing solutions
  • NFC SmartStores App to ensure compliance
  • Real time replenishment monitoring

Sourcererâ„¢ operations analysis software combined with an Inventor-e supply system allows you to make real progress on inventory cost containment. Sourcerer provides clear reports and alerts that help you make the right decisions for controlling inventory.


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