Applications for Inventor-e’s Point-of use Technology are in manufacturing facilities of all kinds. However, we can go far beyond just manufacturing to solve common problems with indirect material in many industries. For example:

  • City council maintenance and repairs to track tools and materials
  • Hospitals to track doctor’s and surgeon’s laptop computers and other costly items
  • Military bases tracking equipment to new recruits on base
  • Engineering labs monitoring gauges and costly test equipment

and more...

Most industries use some type of indirect material. We define indirect material as: Anything that is used during a productive process that does not become part of the end product. This usually means what is thought of as supplies. Think about it... in an office you use toner cartridges, pens, highlighters, etc... in a lab you use hair nets, safety glasses, booties, lab coats... in an ambulance you use medication, bandages, equipment, shots, needles, etc... in a distribution centre you need to track gloves, pick by voice headsets, batteries, etc... all of this is indirect material and all of this can be effectively managed using an Inventor-e solution.


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